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Our continuous efforts to enhance service quality and provide reliable, effective IT solutions that are tailored to your needs enable us to assist you in realizing your business objectives as well as spurring business expansion.

Achieve your objectives by making the most out of our diverse software development methods. We aim to achieve your targeted goals with our tailored solutions!


The entire process is centered on your product or integration, resulting in the highest quality build. This implies that QA testing and code review are combined throughout the development process.


Operating with Agile methodologies validate us to swiftly deploy an initial version of functional software.


The procedure can get as flexible as you need it to be. You will never lose control or a sense of ownership over your project because our work and involvement are always tailored to your needs.


Professional full-stack team is allocated for your project, allowing you to collaborate closely with them without compromising on any information.


We assist global start-ups and enterprises in hiring specialized software engineers to meet their IT and custom software development needs.

Time and Resources

Contracts for time and materials are closely linked to the agile methodology of software development.

Fixed Cost

Our team uses scrum, Kanban, or the dynamic systems development method (DSDM) depending on client’s demands and project specifications.

Setup your own offshore team

Our professional team will help you with increasing efficiency and productivity to achieve optimum results.

What Makes BrainerHub Solutions the Ideal Choice for Development Services?

1: Concepting & strategy

Product & idea consultations

First and foremost, we begin with understanding your vision and what you want to build. Next, we would be more than happy to share our opinions, suggestions, and experiences with you. We will work together to transform your concept into something more concrete.

Planning and Approach

We will discuss and outline your idea’s key features to provide tailored solutions. We will be able to offer you with an approximate understanding of cost, timeline and approach after we have established it.

Vision & Goals

Our expert team of Business Analysts will assist you to establish the ideal plan for your project. It will undoubtedly be very helpful in achieving your business objectives.

2: Prototyping

Flow & Structure

We will proceed with the flow of your product, based on the plan we developed. It will assist you in determining if the procedures satisfy your wants, expectations, and operation methods.

Interactive prototype

Before we begin with development, it will demonstrate how your software will operate. It will be a great tool for you to gain the initial validation for your idea from investors or clients, and it will give us a strong foundation to start the development phase.

3: Building

Visually Appealing Graphic Designs

Our UX/UI designers will create layouts, icons, color combinations, and overall visual identify of your application depending on your needs. After your approval, we will move to the development process.

Quick iterations and feedback cycle

Agile technique will enable a very quick release of your product. Every iteration (one to two weeks) will include a new version of your product for you to test, refine, and provide input on.


Our developers will do a thorough code review to ensure that your program is error-free. Our Quality Assurance testers will also perform a comprehensive inspection of your products.

4: Deployment

Release phase

We will make your product live. As we are aware about the fact that releasing products require lots of experience and professional knowledge, hence our team will handle all the matters for you.

Support & maintenance

We will continue to keep in touch, even after the project is completed. You can rely on us for support and maintenance services that include adding new features and fixing bugs.

Iterating and improving

A product with zero updates will have no progress. To avoid such situations, our team can assist you to evolve your application even after its release by adding new functionalities and reacting to users’ and market feedback.

Want to Elevate your Business with Top-Notch Development Services?

Your search ends here. BrainerHub Solutions helps you to enhance company performance with top-notch backend services. 

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