Fixed Costs

The Development Process at BrainerHub

Based on a specific project and client needs, we use the dynamic systems development method (DSDM), kanban, or scrum. The company is able to keep up its excellent reputation by fully embracing lean startup methodology and leveraging waterfall development. We believe it is crucial to identify the critical issue and focus on the most efficient solution, so start creating with us.

Step 1


Gather facts and do a business analysis.

Visualize the future product with a clickable prototype.

Provide Cost & Time Estimates.

Write technical documentation

Step 2


During planning, we prepare reliable SOW documents, wireframes and work breakdown structure. This process includes an accurate estimate for time and budget.

Step 3


We analyze product requirements and prepare a vivid concept. We design and create stunning UI/UX according to popular patterns and iOS/Android style guides.

Step 4


At this stage, all the pieces come together under a well-managed mobile or web development. We work with the Scrum methodology that allows having a team that is focused and collaborative and doesn’t require babysitting.

Step 5


Our Quality Assurance team catches any bug before deploying the product and lets us focus on high quality during each development cycle.

Step 6


Finally, we remain a technical partner for as long as the client needs us. TRIARE introduces cost savings, stable infrastructure, and reliable DevOps to secure one’s business operations.

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