Grow your Business with pocketmall

To bring back local markets and revive the falling economy in our country.

About Project

In simple words, Pocketmall is online shopping simplified while retaining an extensive array of choices. With the help of the smartphone app PocketMall, online shopping has never been more convenient. Users of the app can shop from a variety of online merchants, explore hundreds of categories, compare prices, make payments, and keep track of their purchases in one location. It saves users time and effort while offering a smooth, diverse, and safe buying experience. It was a significant project for BrainerHub Solutions’ e-commerce team, and they delivered their absolute best, satisfying both the client and the end-users.

What We Did

Crafting A Perfect Business Partner From An Online E-Commerce Platform

  • Our development team coordinated with Pocketmall closely to design and develop three separate interfaces for owners, retailers, and customers.
  • BrainerHub Solutions tech team implemented robust security measures, integrated multiple secure payment gateways, and created an engaging user interface for the customers to simplify the online shopping experience.

Website Development

Build-in models for inventory management and sales tracking for retailers. Tailored future suggestions based on past purchases.

Team Support

Real-time order tracking, simple shopping carts and wishlists, and updates about the progress of the purchases.

Key Challenges

A simple and user-friendly layout that makes searching and filtering goods from online merchants easy.

Key Highlights

Important Achievement

  • Since its introduction, PocketMall’s user base has experienced substantial growth.
  • The app has received hundreds of positive reviews on the Google Play store and iOS App Store.
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