SE/SSE – Angular

Position: SE/SSE – Angular


Experience 4-6 Years

SkillsetAngular, JavaScript, Typescript


Job Description:

Our company is seeking an Angular Developer who has the technical ability to implement user interfaces using JavaScript and the Angular framework. You will need to know the best practices and modern ways of creating interfaces and ensure the interface is able to interact with backend APIs. You will also need to have great communication and collaboration skills as you will need to interact with fellow frontend and backend developers regularly to ensure components can be integrated together.


  • Design and implement visually aesthetic user interfaces.
  • Identify issues with front-end code and rectify them to remove bugs.
  • Create unit tests to ensure the code is functioning as expected.
  • Create well-written documentation.
  • Ensure front-end code is able to query APIs.
  • Audit code to identify bottlenecks of performance and fix them.

  • The ability to problem-solve.
  • High level of knowledge around the Angular framework and JavaScript.
  • High-level knowledge of front-end interfaces.
  • Fundamental knowledge of UX/UI
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Good Project management skills

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